Introducing Andrea’s Reading Series

2015 is just around the corner, and unlike most people, I typically take the new year pretty passively.  For the past two years I had given up making New Year’s Resolution, succumbing to the reality that majority of resolutions people make for the new year go out the window within the first three months.  I had accepted I will never lose the extra ten pounds, change my dietary preferences, break bad habits, or keep up with a daily exercise routine.  Now entering my third year of being goalless and stress-free, I’ve encountered more people questioning my ways than ever.



    “What do you mean you don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions?”


It’s not like I don’t have any aspirations for the upcoming year.  Who doesn’t?  I just don’t see the point of making the same menial resolutions over and over again and never follow through with them.  Now, I am type of person who will admit when they were wrong– and in the case of my attitude towards New Year’s, I’ve been wrong.  I had been stuck in an unmotivated cycle, formulating my New Year’s Resolutions based on the things I should do, but realistically have no intentions of following through.  Without those ten extra pounds, I’ll definitely be healthier in terms of BMI, but I will never lose them if I am comfortable with my body, right?  So I decided if I was going to make New Year’s Resolutions, I am going to make one because, how can you lose focus of your resolution if you only have one?

Like I said earlier, I do have aspirations going into the new year that I never typically count as resolutions.  Things like, “get accepted to graduate school” or “act in a professional theatre production.”  I don’t call them resolutions because those things are typically out of my control.  If I never got accepted in graduate school or cast in a professional theatre production, I’d like to think I didn’t fail the year.  I think of resolutions as a firm decision to do something, where you, yourself is solely responsible for the success.  Since I will be graduating in 2015 with a M.A. in Arts Leadership from University of Houston, I will soon have to go out in the real world and start a career.  While I may not land my absolute dream job right out of graduate school, I can still continue to better myself to eventually get to that dream job.

Introducing Andrea’s Reading Series

Introducing my 2015 New Year’s Resolution!  Throughout the week (Monday – Friday) I will post articles I find interesting revolving around art and business on my Twitter (@andreayhuang) and Facebook page and finally write a reflective/summary post of all articles here, on my my blog, every Saturday!  Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to read along with me, or come back every Saturday to see what articles was presented throughout the week and my personal thoughts.


Here’s to 2015!


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